Sony sold 59.3 million PlayStation 5 units since launch

A ground-breaking console joined the gaming world a few years back, and while it had a “rough” start, it managed to rise to the top and be the best of the best.

You can already guess that I am a console fan, or more particularly, a PlayStation fan since birth. I grew up with that gray brick playing all sorts of games, and to see in what it has evolved, well, it is safe to say that I am overwhelmed and filled with happiness. All I have to do now is purchase the latest PlayStation console, the PS5 one. Yes, I know, I am a little late to the party, but better late than never.

PlayStation 5, obviously developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, was released back in 2020, in such dark times that it kind of impacted the beginner success of it. However, once everything went back to normal, PlayStation 5 with its unique design became the best of the best. It is so good that now, as it is officially announced by Sony, 59.3 million units have been sold since its launch in 2020.

In FY2023, Sony sold 20.8m units, which is right under their target of 21m, and marking a 1.7m units more than the previous year. Not quite there, but it is still an impressive number, and I think you can agree with me on that. However, in every good, there is something bad, isn’t there? In the first three months, that ended with March 31, 2024, Sony sold 4.5m PS5 units, which is 1.8m down if we compare these results with the results from last year.

From being a gray brick, to being an alien masterpiece, Sony and PlayStation can do it all.

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