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The Outlast Trials Prime Time Patch Notes Revealed

Red Barrels has released a new patch for The Outlast Trials. This update brings a new limited time event called Prime Time and Sergeant Coyle and Mother Gooseberry are center stage!

The Outlast Trials’ Prime Time event is live with tons of new challenges and rewards. The event will be live from May 28th to June 18th, featuring Sergeant Coyle and Mother Gooseberry, who now boast new permanent special abilities.

As for the complete changelog, please check below:

New Limited-Time Event

Prime Time
Therapy prepares Reagents for a future dominated by contradictory cults of personality and clashing fundamentalist ideals. Participants can expect their psyche to face brutal and fundamental assault from both ends.

New Variators


    Multiple Prime Assets present in the same Trial.


    Break all Prime Time televisions for additional Tokens.

Uncover the secrets of Prime Time by locating new evidence documents scattered throughout the Trials.

Complete Trials in this Limited-Time Program to earn

Prime Tokens

to acquire exclusive event cosmetics. The amount of Prime Tokens awarded will depend on the difficulty of the Trial you complete.

  • As you complete Prime Time Trials you will unlock exclusive event cosmetics which you will then be able to purchase in your Reagent Cell.
    • Spend your Prime Time Tokens on the exclusive cosmetics you unlocked, which will be visible in your Cell (click on your bed) and Reagent (click on the mirror) customization menus.
You will have until June 25th at 10AM EDT to use your Prime Tokens on the cosmetics you unlocked during the event.


Exclusive Prime Time Rewards

  • Spaceship Legendary Bundle
  • Space Lamp Epic Cell Item
  • Hypermodernist Television Epic Cell Item
  • Atomic Gun Epic Cell Item
  • Collector Astronaut Figure Cell Item
  • 2 Epic Cell Posters, and 1 Legendary Cell Poster
  • 2 Epic Cell Wallpapers
  • 2 Epic Cell Floors
  • 4 Common Reagent Bottoms, 4 Rare Reagent Bottoms, and 1 Epic Reagent Bottom
  • 4 Common Reagent Tops, 4 Rare Reagent Tops, and 1 Epic Reagent Top
  • 1 Pair of Night Vision Goggles
  • 1 Legendary Reagent Outfit
  • 5 Player Icons
Please be aware that Weekly Programs will be temporarily halted during the presence of Prime Time.

New Features

New Prime Assets upgrades
  • Gooseberry’s drill now causes bleeding
  • Damage from Gooseberry now causes bleeding.
  • Bleeding: Causes damage over time. Can be interrupted by using Bandages.

Coyle’s electric baton now disables rigs.

  • Damage from Coyle now temporarily disables Rigs for 20 seconds.

New item

  • Bandages can now be found scattered throughout the Trials.
  • Usage: Bandages stop bleeding and heal you by 50 HP.
    • Caution: Using bandages takes time, this may leave you exposed.
  • Adjustment: Large Medicine spawn rates have been reduced, they are now only found in Locked Containers.


  • Reworked pause menu to display the group and options in one screen instead of on tabs.
  • Badge Menu is now a scrolling list instead of pages.
  • The terminal will now show a notification icon when something new is available.
  • Updated medical items:
    • Bandages: Heal 50hp, and resolve bleeding effect. High spawn rates.
    • Small Medicines: Same as current (heals 25hp). Medium spawn rates.
    • Large Medicines: Same as current (heals 100hp). Can now only be found in locked Medical Containers.
  • Amp “Hide and Restore” can be used to counter Coyle’s Rig Disabler.
  • Amp “Hide and Heal” can be used to counter Gooseberry’s Bleeding.
  • Amp “Invisible” has been adjusted so that enemies can still perceive the player when they are very close.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies would appear invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where door traps and some other items would become invisible while using the X-Ray.
  • Fixed the rarity of the Toxic Shock poster.
  • Various fixes and improvements.
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