Tokyo Xanadu eX+ delays release of Nintendo Switch version in the west, new date is July 25

Not everything goes to plan all the time, and you need to step back a little bit, even if that is causing a delay.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ has all versions available. Well, nearly all versions. The game developed by Aksys Games is available in Japan on PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, while the rest of the world can get it on PlayStation 4 and PC. Well, all that is missing from the list for the worldwide release is Nintendo Switch.

Supposed to originally release in June of 2024, Aksys Games has announced that they are delaying the debut of the game to July 25, 2024. Once it comes out, there will be a four-CD set with all 88 songs from the Tokyo Xanadu eX+ soundtrack available on Aksys Games Online Store. If you are a music fan, that is.

But what is Tokyo Xanadu eX+ all about? For starters, this is the updated edition of Tokyo Xanadu, and it includes all additional content for the game, as well as a revamped localization of the story.

As a player, you will be dropped to 10 years ago, when a powerful earthquake hit Tokyo. This was so powerful that it changed the lives of its inhabitants. There was no going back. Ever since that devastating event, the city has been rebuilt, and there are signs of returning back to normal, if that is what you can say is normal.

But there is something strange happening under the ruins. What is that? Is that another world, but a sinister one?

We must discover what is happening, but we will have to wait until July 25, 2024.

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