Dark and Darker Early Access Season 4 Patch Notes

As you may already know, Dark and Darker has arrived both on the Epic Games Store and Steam, and with its arrival, the developers at Ironmace Games are kicking off a brand new Season. With that said, there is a new patch coming today, alongside tons of changes that you need to take care of.

Without further ado, you can find the changelog below:

Dark and Darker Early Access Season 4 Patch Notes

  • The addition of the new Ice Abyss!
  • The addition of the new Druid Class!
  • New emotes and the Lycan race!
  • Renewed focus on dungeon crawling, starting with the removal of the circle mechanic.
  • Ability to upgrade to Legendary Status!
  • Cross-play across multiple PC platforms.
  • Major balance changes!

On top of the new features, we’d like to give a small peek into some of our plans this season including: -A Platform Link feature that allows for cross-progression across multiple PC platforms. For our players on Blacksmith who have already purchased the game and want to launch their account from another platform, we ask for your patience and continue playing on Blacksmith for just a little bit longer until this system is released. We feel strongly that our early adopters should not be required to re-purchase the game on another cross-play PC platform.

  • An updated ‘Adventure Leaderboards’ that reward actual dungeon adventuring rather than the loot you collect.
  • An upgraded matchmaking system that removes the pre-lobby, ratcheting up tension and improving the matchmaking times.
  • A renewed Gathering Hall that includes the return of the Tavern as a social place to hang out, meet party members, and see Otto!
  • The introduction of the Arena, a new game mode and leaderboard system that showcases team PvP skills.
  • Experimenting with randomly generated dungeon layouts to add more mystery and motivation to explore the dungeons.


  • Fixed an issue where Rogue’s skills could still be displayed while in hiding.
  • Fixed the missing action speed primary attribute for the Lightbringer.
  • Fixed an issue where Bard’s persuasiveness did not work properly.
  • Fighter’s Sprint additional movespeed has been changed from 50 → 20.
  • Fighter’s Breakthrough duration has been changed from 8s → 10s, cooldown has been changed 18s → 24s.
  • Barbarian’s Iron Will additional magic resistance changed from 100 → 60.
  • Rogue’s Stealth no longer reveals his silhouette.
  • Rogue’s Stealth increases movement speed by 3 per step. For each step you take, you lose your movement speed bonus.
  • Rogue’s Hide duration changed from 6 → 8.
  • Rogue’s Hide Mastery grants 3 times the hide time.
  • Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack’s armor rationg bonus reduction has been improved from -30% → -40%.
  • Ranger’s Multishot now causes all arrows to deal 100% damage. (before: 50%/75%/100%/75%/50%)
  • Warlock’s all spells cost has been slightly reduced.
  • Warlock’s Evileye has been temporarily removed.
  • Explosive Bottle’s interval has been changed to 0.1 and damage per interval has been changed from 3 → 1.5.
  • Explosive Bottle’s attribute bonus ratio has been changed from 0 → 0.1.
  • Throwing Daggers now stack from 1->2.
  • Lowered AR for Plate armor by 2-3%
  • Lowered the Projectile protection by 40% so total Projectile for full plate is down from 17% to around 10%
  • Fixed the missing action speed primary attribute for the Lightbringer.
  • Barbarian specific armors give slightly less AR, MR and have slightly more move speed penalty.
  • Slightly improved the amount of movespeed gained per agility.
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