Escape From Tarkov Wipe Confirmed for August 2024, details and more!

We’ve got some exciting news about Escape From Tarkov. The latest TarkovTV Podcast revealed some surprises, and we’ve got a fresh roadmap worth looking at. So, let’s look at and discuss some of the changes coming throughout this summer.

August 2024 Wipe Incoming

First things first, the wipe is officially set for August 2024. Looking ahead, patch 0.15 is set to land in August 2024. This patch will bring new content, quality-of-life improvements, technical upgrades, and more. There’s even a bipod mechanic coming, which will help with recoil. The Factory map is getting reworked, and we’re getting location-to-location travel, tripwires, and landmines.

EFT and EFT: Arena Integration

There will be some new updates that will finally support the integration between EFT and EFT: Arena. This means player level and experience synchronization across both modes. You’ll finally be able to carry over some of the items you want between PvE and Arena, and bring your PvP PMC character inside Arena too.

New Trader and Currency

There will be a new trader named Ref, who will be accessible in both the Arena and the main game. Ref will use GPT coins as the main currency. Players will be able to earn GPT coins in both Arena and the normal game mode, which means more ways to trade and gear up. Keys will also be available to gain by playing EFT Arena, which is something players might be looking forward to.

Improved PvE Experience

For those who prefer PvE, a new change will allow them to queue solo locally, avoiding the lingering queue times. As for the AI, it will be improved and will have a more realistic behavior than before. As for the additional PvE changes, it was revealed that players will be able to wipe their PvE character and progress from scratch if they want to.

Unity 2022 and Performance Upgrades

The Unity 2022 update will first be tested on the ETS servers. This update aims to boost game performance and fluidity. There’s not much to say about this other than, “we’ve been waiting for this change for a long time”.

New Questline and rewards for reporting cheaters

A fresh questline called Nostalgia is coming. This will unlock all the rewards from the Unheard edition, permanently. Those who rightfully landed a report against a person cheating will be rewarded.

Karma System and New Boss

A new boss, Partizan, will target players with bad karma. Yes, karma is finally coming to PMCs, and it will change how we play. Campers, beware.

Audio and Future Updates

Audio improvements are on the way to make the game even more immersive. And let’s not forget that the developers are working on the 1.0 patch, allowing players to enjoy the game without significant wipes. There will be tons of other updates too, so I actually cannot wait to see what’s going to arrive. As for the roadmap itself, you can find the image below:

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