Helldivers 2 Players Create a Black Hole and Possibly Open the Door for the Illuminate

Recently, Helldivers 2 players were tasked with taking out the Merida supercolony of Terminids using a mysterious substance called “dark fluid.” Instead of just wiping them out, they collapsed the entire planet into a black hole! We’ve never seen this, and it seems like Super Earth’s tech has just hit a whole new level.

Remember the time we thought we’d wiped out the Automatons? Yeah, they came back with their biggest fleet ever just days later. So, what’s next? It could be a gateway for something much more sinister, the Illuminate. Yes, the same alien race from Helldivers 1 that we thought was wiped out. But hints in the game’s backend files suggest they might be making a return.

Imagine the Illuminate using the black hole as a wormhole to invade our galaxy. While the official narrative might not support this scientific reasoning, it’s possible to see it happen. This could be the twist that reignites the game’s player base, which has declined since its peak. The last big spike was during the surprise Automaton invasion months ago, but the arrival of the Illuminate could be the big event we need.

The backend updates have shown more and more Illuminate assets, so their return seems inevitable. They might temporarily eliminate the Terminids, giving us a more focused battle against two main enemy races instead of three. This would prevent our forces from being spread too thin and create a more dynamic gameplay experience.

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