Rumor: Civilization 7 is Likely 2K’s Big Reveal at Summer Game Fest

Civilization 7 will probably be the big reveal from 2K at the Summer Game Fest. Yeah, I know, many of us were betting on Borderlands 4, but it looks like we might need to pump the brakes on that hype train.

Here’s the deal. 2K teased last month that they’d be dropping the next installment of one of their biggest franchises at the Summer Game Fest. Naturally, the rumor mill started churning. First, there was some chatter about Mafia 4. That got some folks excited. Kurakasis, a known leaker, said we should be looking out for Borderlands 4. Cue the excited fanbase, right?

Some fan on ResetEra noticed a banner for Civilization 7 pop up on the official 2K Games website. It didn’t stay up for long before it got yanked, but it was there long enough to get people talking. Civilization 6 came out eight years ago, so it’s high time we got a new one, and this little slip-up seems to suggest that Civ 7 is on the horizon.

So what about Borderlands 4? Well, Kurakasis, our friendly neighborhood leaker, has backtracked. They took to Twitter and the Exputer forums to say they can’t confirm Borderlands 4 anymore. They’re leaning towards Civ 7 being the big announcement now.


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