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Starfield’s June Update Introduces New Bounty Hunter Missions, Ammo Crafting and More

As a long-time Starfield explorer, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the June Update, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. Bethesda has delivered a substantial content drop that spices up our cosmic adventures in fascinating ways.

The introduction of the Trackers Alliance has me feeling like a true intergalactic bounty hunter. This new faction will add a whole new layer to the game, allowing us to pursue and take down marks across the galaxy. One of the standout quests, tracking down the notorious Starjacker, which will have us on the edge of our seat. Not only will it lead to some intense confrontations, but will also provide a rewards and a sleek new suit and a powerful beam weapon that will make the hunt totally worth it.

The Vulture mission is another surprise. Available now in Creations with mod support live on all platforms, it’s a compelling addition that will introduce new surprises and challenges. I have to mention, Bethesda’s promise to periodically add more missions keeps me excited for future updates.

The quality-of-life improvements in this update are also noteworthy. Ammo crafting is definitely something quite good for the players, as it will allow us to be prepared for whatever the galaxy throws in their way. The enhancements to melee weapons, with new tiers and increased damage, will make close combat more satisfying, and let’s not forget the modding improvements, which will open up a world of possibilities for customizing our experience.

One of the highlights for me was diving into the Creations section to see what the Verified Creators have been up to. Their contributions add a personal touch and variety that keeps the game fresh and engaging. If you haven’t checked out the video detailing these updates, I highly recommend it for an in-depth look at what’s new. below:


Creations are here!

Creations are now available in Starfield. What does that mean? You can now access and play new content in Starfield. Creations may include new missions, gear, skins, weapons, and more! You’ll also find Bethesda Game Studios Creations including one of the new Trackers Alliance missions, The Vulture. You can find Creations via the in-game menu. For those of you who own Starfield’s Premium Edition, you will also find 1000 Creation Credits within this menu.

If creating your own content for Starfield is something that interests you, you may also now download the Creation Kit for Starfield on Steam. Note, this is a separate download from the game download and is only available on Steam.

Trackers Alliance Missions Available

New missions have been added to Starfield as part of this update. Trackers Alliance establishes the first of several missions enabling you to live your best bounty-hunting life. The first mission, The Starjacker will have you in contact with a mysterious Tracker located in settlements throughout the Settled Systems. From there, let the hunts begin!

The second Trackers Alliance mission, The Vulture is available within the new Creations menu. And what bounty hunter is without their trusted methods to get the job done?

Bounty Scanning and Mission Boards!

This update also introduces the bounty scanner system that enables you to seek and destroy (or peacefully resolve…?) those targets with bounties on their heads. If you still want more, you can also check out the Elite Trackers Alliance mission board.

Armed and Ever Ready!

Those of you who appreciate being extra crafty may now find new melee weapon tiers and the ability to modify melee weapons when crafting. For those that prefer the firepower approach, ammo crafting has also been added with this update. You can research your preferred ammo at a Research Station and craft them at an Industrial Workbench!



• General performance and stability improvements.


• Gameplay Options: Addressed a sustenance issue that caused sneak attack damage to be too high.
• Ship Decoration: Nova Galactic All-in-One 2×1 Habs will now declutter properly.
• Ship Decoration: Items can no longer be placed on ladders.
• Addressed an issue that could cause Guards to give up their chase too easily.
• Fixed an issue that caused visited space locations to appear undiscovered.
• Addressed an issue that could occur when modifying the player’s ship at The Key.
• Addressed a rare issue that could cause some objects to behave as if they were in zero-g.
• Fixed a crowd character issue that could appear when loading a save.
• Removed the “Fast Travel to Ship” button from screens where it could not be utilized.
• Fixed an issue that could occur when opening photo mode at the start of a conversation.
• Fixed an issue that could occur when trying to exit the pilot seat while landing.
• Addressed an issue with incrementing the “Ships Modified” stat when entering ship builder.
• Quest Trackers should highlight the correct NAT station when traveling to the Lodge in New Atlantis.
• Cora Coe should now accept books even if the Main Quest is skipped after entering the Unity.


• Fixed an issue which could cause a bright light when loading a save into New Atlantis.
• Fixed an issue that could cause some objects to become hidden when they should be visible.


• Resolved an issue where the Power Management Robot could unintentionally reduce power.


• Background Checks: Fixed an issue where the player could receive an unintentional trespassing message.

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