World of Warcraft: The War Within Pre-Patch and When It Might Arrive

With The War Within expansion dropping on August 26, it’s time to start speculating about the pre-patch. The pre-patch is when we taste the new content before the big release. Because we don’t have official information regarding the pre-patch content, let’s see when it might hit the live servers.

Previous Pre-Patches

Alright, let’s get some context here. If we look back at the last few expansions, Blizzard has been pretty consistent with their pre-patch timelines:

  • Shadowlands: Pre-patch arrived on October 13, 2020, about five weeks before the full release on November 23.
  • Battle for Azeroth: Pre-patch hit on July 17, 2018, roughly four weeks before the launch on August 14.
  • Legion: Pre-patch dropped on July 19, 2016, about six weeks before the expansion’s release on August 30.

So, based on this info, we can expect the pre-patch for The War Within to drop somewhere between four to six weeks before August 26. My guess? We’re looking at early to mid-July for the pre-patch.

The War Within Pre-Patch Content

Now, let’s discuss what we can expect in the pre-patch. If history is any guide, we’re in for some major changes and new content to tide us over until the full expansion release.

  • Class Changes and Balancing: Pre-patches are usually when Blizzard rolls out all the new class changes and balancing tweaks. Expect a ton of changes to talents, abilities, and maybe even some new mechanics. It’s the perfect time to start figuring out your new main.
  • Storyline Teasers: Pre-patches often include storyline content that sets the stage for the upcoming expansion. We might see quests that give us a sneak peek into the Worldsoul Saga and introduce critical characters and conflicts.
  • World Events: Blizzard loves to spice things up with some world events. Remember the Scourge invasion before Shadowlands? Or the Legion invasions? We might see something similar with Nerubian forces causing chaos across Azeroth.
  • New Systems and Features: Any significant system changes or new features will likely go live in the pre-patch. Whether it’s UI updates, new customization options, or changes to existing systems, we’ll get to test them out and give feedback before the expansion launches.

When to Expect the Announcement

Blizzard usually announces the pre-patch date a few weeks in advance, so keep an eye out for news around late June or early July. If you’re like me and can’t wait to dive into the new content, make sure your game is updated and ready to go when the pre-patch drops.

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