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53 Reasons Pokemon Go is Dying, Niantic you There?

Nick from Trainer Tips is a Pokemon Go Trainer who is well known to the PoGo community by sharing tips and tricks on his Youtube channel.

Yesterday I tweeted asking Pokémon GO players to share the things they felt needed to be fixed or improved in Pokemon Go. I got over 1,700 replies to that tweet. Here are 53 of the top answers, he says in the video below.

It looks like most of the replies are regarding EX Raid invitations and the players want the same to change or just simply be removed. There are also some concerns about bug fixes, PvP system, trading and rural gameplay complaints.

Nick’s idea behind the video is just to gather enough “data” based on other players’ thoughts and concerns and to create a video in order to make other players aware of the state of the game at the moment.

Here is the video Nick made with 53 reasons Pokemon Go is dying, where he also explains his relationship with Niantic.

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