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Alarak Build Guide – Lightning Heals

A lot of guys prefer to go for the Discord Strike build while we feel a lot more comfortable running the Lightning Surge Build. This Alarak Build Guide is based on that. Heroes of the Storm is not a game you need to keep an eye on any kind of resources, but getting the needed experience while playing ranked is really important. So, staying in your lane for a longer period of time before retreating is really important…

Alarak Build Guide – Lightning Surge For The Win

Ok, so let’s see what kind of build we’re using, which is probably the best you can go for. I mean, having the Sadism as a Passive at 100% all the time is pretty much awesome.

Alarak Build Guide

Having the needed range on the Lightning Surge is also good. He’s also got the insane combo which can silence enemies and deal pretty decent damage.

1 Power Conduit

Power Conduit

 4 Extended Lightning

Extended Lightning

7 Endless Energy

Endless Energy

10 Deadly Charge

Deadly Charge

13 Psychokinesis


16 Sustaining Power

Sustaining Power

20 Last Laugh

Last Laugh

Alarak Strengths

By using these talents you can pretty much gain a lot. The ability to eliminate enemies from range is really valuable. This includes the elimination of the enemies trying to escape. That’s why the second talent is valuable. Also, at level 16, you will be able to gain heals by spamming the ability. This should make Alarak a bit more healthy before reinitiating a fight. It is annoying for the opposite players indeed.

Getting the Psychokinesis will give us the chance to deal more damage when we’re performing the insane combo. I definitely love that combo but did not go for that build because it doesn’t feel just right.


Don’t get caught, because if you do, you’ll be pretty much dead. Performing the combo Telekinesis into Discord Strike is always good but make sure you’re not going to be the guy that’s in the front because you will get burst down very fast. That’s why I hate Alarak. Or, make sure your guys are following, do not try to dive on your own. He’s also not that fast, which means getting the Thunderstruck talent at level 7 might be a good option sometimes. But, the whole Idea in this Alarak build was ignoring the Sadism reduction.


Speaking of combos, not much to say except performing the Telekinesis – Discord Strike combo. But as I said, do not dive that much in otherwise it might get bad for you. Also, before diving, make sure you’re at a decent HP level. You can use this build to get your hp back very effectively thanks to the Sustaining Power talent.

You might be asking yourself why did we go for Last Laugh at level 20. It’s a risky talent, but, sometimes it can be a life saviour. Before you use it, keep in mind that your hp will go down to 1 when you use it. But, being chased on low hp and knowing the fact they’ll catch up with you, this might save you…

That’s all we have to say, for now. As you’ve noticed we started to perform short and effective guides and I honestly hope that you’ll just love this Alarak Build Guide. The Talents are awesome it’s just the playstyle you’ll need to make use to. Do not forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments down below.



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