Anthem reverts loot drop rate to the original value

No wonder why Masterwork items are more common drops after completing missions. After facing somewhat a backlash from the community, the developers of Anthem decided to revert things as they were during the 1-week pre-release span of EA premium. Even though the game is scheduled to release an update later today, the developers have stealthily increased the loot drop rate ahead of it.

Tweaking the loot tables in looter video games is probably one of the most painful things the developers ever have to face. Finding a balance could cause supplementary issues for which the community will most likely react roughly. That’s exactly what happened in Anthem, making the loot drop rate change develop without any official announcement too.

It seems like the numbers behind the loot drop rate could be tweaked without bigger maintenance in Anthem. Most definitely without performing client changes. However, today’s update is scheduled to tweak even more lines of code, contributing to a much better end-game gameplay experience.

As soon as we heard about these changes we set us up for a simple run on a high difficulty to see the loot response. We confirm that we’ve received more Masterwork items than the usual. However, it all comes down to today’s update when BioWare will change the whole loot drop rate thing.

Players with level 30 will no longer face common and uncommon item drops allowing grinders to get to their perfect build easier. That also makes the game more serious, as tweaking the perfect build could take months to accomplish.

Hardcore players know that having the right item is not that important as having the right attributes. That’s what makes Anthem more competitive when it comes to grinding video games.

Angel Kicevski

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  1. You guys recieve more? I used to receive 2-4 masterworks per run of temple of scar. Now I run it and I recieve 1-2 max per run. I’ve only recieved 1 legendary since release, too. I’m stuck in between gm2 and 2 difficulty because I cant get drops. Frustrating as hell

    1. I personally received less then more then less again. Which is really strange. It feels like they nerfed, buffed, and then nerfed again. Strange.

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