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Blitzkrieg 3 Update 0.9.7 Brings 4 New Missions

Blitzkrieg 3 just got it’s new patch 0.9.7. This update adds 4 new missions and fixes some bugs. Also, adds a blacklist on Steam.

Update 0.9.7 just hit on Blitzkrieg 3, with some changes and additions to the game. With this patch, all of your friends on Steam will be added to the friend’s list in the game. If you have any issues with any players, then you can block them and put them on the Black List. Doing this, the other party can no longer send you messages, invitations or even add you as a friend.

blitzkreig 3 update 0.9.7

Are you a rookie? Well, to make it easier for you, some of the missions are changed. To be more precise, you can play on Rjev, The Luga Line, Battle of El Alamein, Invasion of Poland, March on Daugavpils, Battle of Arras, Operation Compass and Sabotage Campaign in NA will lower difficulty.

Also, there are 4 new side missions. This is followed by 3 new missions as well. The devs want to point out the Volokolamskoe Highway mission as their favorite. To find out more, log on to Blitzkreg 3 and get a fresh touch.

There is a new option as well. By pressing ESC, you can now enter settings from the faction selection screen. The New Year maps are no longer in the game and Wirbelwin will now shoot correctly.

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