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Bully: Scollarship Edition is Now Playable on XBOX One with Backward Compatibility

Xbox 360 version of the Bully: Scolarship Edition is now finally backward compatible on Xbox One.

This means everyone that owns this game can download it though the “Ready to Install” Section from their Xbox One.

Bully: Scolarship Edition Xbox One players can finally enjoy the story of Jimmy Hopkins.

Getting up on the social ladder at Bullworth Academy will be fun for Xbox One users too.

However, they must own the Digital copy of the game.

Everyone that doesn’t own a digital copy or he owns a Physical game, can just put the disc from the Xbox 360 into Xbox One and download the game.

The most interesting part is that the game saves will also transfer if the players saved the saves to the Xbox 360 cloud.

For those who do not own it, you can buy the game over here.

That’s all folks, have a happy gaming!



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