Capcom’s Resident Evil Series Surpasses Cumulative “Worldwide 100-Million-Sales Milestone”

Capcom has finally opened the secret numbers to the public. It appears that the delivery of recent Capcom Games has grown quite high. Thanks to Capcom’s financial press-conference, it was discovered that one of the most exciting series in the genre, Resident Evil, has managed to sell over 100 million copies and break a new milestone.

The second most successful game is Monster Hunter World with 16 million units sold. Obviously, Monster Hunter World’s success was continued by its expansion, Monster Hunter World: Iceborn, which has managed to sell 5.8 million units worldwide. Cumulatively, Monster Hunter Games have sold 64 million units.

As a part of the success, the Resident Evil series has managed to reach the 100-million sales milestone, which is a huge success for Capcom. Below you can find a detailed list of cumulative unit sales and examples of brand utilization and those titles which fall behind the success of RE3 and Monster Hunter World.

  • Resident Evil Series: 103 million units
  • Monster Hunter Series: 64 million units
  • Street Fighter Series: 45 million units
  • Mega Man Series: 36 million units
  • Devil May Cry Series: 22 million units
  • Dead Rising Series: 14 million units

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