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Celebrate Rocket League Anniversary With Free New Arena Next Month

Rocket League was released on July 7, 2015. Next month they will celebrate their second anniversary with a new free arena, new Overdrive Crate and the beginning of Season 5.

First thing first, the Champions Field, a new free arena. On July 5, Rocket League players will get this new arena as part of the free Anniversary Update. The arena features shield logo, stadium lighting, and triple-decker seating.

This arena can be found in Competetive, Online Playlists and Private Matches.

Next on the list is the new Overdrive Crate. With the Anniversary Update and the Overdrive Crate, the players can enjoy brand new battle cars, the Animus GP and Centio V17. These crates can be won after Online matches.

Season 4 is ending, so it’s time to welcome Season 5. Each rank will get their own reward, and Grand Champion will get Champion Reward and in-game title.

The players will find new Trails as rewards. These rewards can be activated only when a player earn Supersonic speeds.

With the upcoming Anniversary Update, the players will get new content, improved audio system, new trophies, achievements and new soundtrack options.

What I find very interesting is that you can select your music. How? What type of music are we talking about?

Well, the team behind Rocket League – Psyonix, and Monstercat are teaming up for a brand new in-game music. Sounds great, right?

rocket league anniversary update

This update will go live on all platforms on July 5.



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