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Civilization VI is One of The Most Popular Games on Steam

The big and long review made by the team at FutureGameReleases.com made us feel glad for the team of creators behind Civilization VI. They succeed in getting 1 million active players in this beautiful game.

civilization vi is one of the most popular games

Civilization VI is One of the Most Popular Games

The game itself, Civilization VI, received a lot of positive critics. Is this going to be one of the most popular strategy games ever?

Firaxis are thankful to all the players that made this happen and we’ve been able to see that on their twitter.

If we compare the statistics to the other popular games on Steam, we can find it on the third place, while Dota 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive are leading the list of most popular games.

First of all, we are speaking about a Game that has nothing together with Valve. Made by Firaxis, the gods of strategy, which become one of the most popular games among the players.

The most fun part is that on the sixth place you can find Civilization 5, while the places before, actually the fourth and the fifth belong to one Valve’s and Bethesda’s game. The fourth it’s taken by Team Fortress 2 while the fifth is the long awaited Skyrim: Special Edition.

Is this list going to keep up the same pace until the end of 2017? Let’s just wait and see. However, there might be a little changes on the leading board as Skyrim Special Edition can overrun Team Fortress 2.

Whatever happens, at the moment Civilization VI is one of the most popular games on Steam at the moment. We congratulate to the team behind the creation of Civilization VI and wish them all the best in near future.

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