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Dishonored 2 Free Trial on Steam – April 6

Well, Dishonored 2 will release a free trial for Steam on April 6. A lot of players wanted for this Trial to become reality. Now, the players will have a chance to try Dishonored 2.

The Free trial will give the players a chance to tryout the first three campaign missions by playing Empress emily or the Royal Protector, Corvo.

Dishonored 2 Free Trial on Steam - April 6

That means the both characters will be unlocked so players can taste their powers, which is awesome! The only bad thing in this is that this Free Trial will only be available for Steam. So, If you want to try the game, you must do it on PC.

We think that Dishonored 2 was lacking a bit of PC players. This is a move so they will get a bit more sold copies for the PC platform.

Also, we think that is a sellout feature because the players will get to resume playing where they left off during this Dishonored 2 Trial, if they buy the game later.

However, Sellout or no sellout, this is a good option because a lot of players can actually try the game. We know that Dishonored 2 for PC had some difficulties, but hopefully, now they’re gone.

One more time, we’re talking about an awesome franchise. Dishonored 2 will definitely blow your mind, so, this is your chance to enjoy the game as much as you can.

The only bad thing is probably the free trial timing which is going to last only 1 day. It was going to be better if it was a weekend trial. For more detailed info, check out this link. Do not forget to speak yourself in the comments down below! Is this Dishonored 2 Free Trial is coming in the right time?



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