Don’t Forget to Watch Sony’s Big PS5 Event

If you have forgotten, Sony’s massive PS5 games reveal is about to happen very soon. In half an hour from now, we’ll take a look for the first time of the PS5 games coming at launch, including other surprises that, supposedly, going to leave the world shook. But, where exactly can you watch the event and at what time exactly?

The event is supposed to start at 1 PM today, June 11, at 1 PM PDT. For what we know, it may include an early pre-show.

The event will hold a surprising games lineup that is supposed to come at launch and is scheduled to last for an hour. If you want to watch the event, just take a look at the very top of this article and enjoy the broadcast. Otherwise, you can also watch it on PlayStation’s official Twitch channel. Titled as the Future of Gaming, what does Sony hold in surprise?

David Goodwin

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