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Entei Defeated By 3 Trainers, Here is a Video How to Beat the Beast With Only 3 People

One of the Legendary Beasts, Entei, has been defeated by 3 European Trainers Lvl 36,37 and 38.

To be honest, I was hoping to see Entei as a hard Legendary to defeat, but it looks like I was wrong. Yesterday, a group of 3 Europen Trainers Lvl 36, 37 and 38 decided to try and test their skills and knowledge against the Beast. They have been using Vaporeon, Golem and Tyranitar as their main attackers and successfully¬†defeated the Beast. Below you can find the list of what Pokemon they’ve used and the video to make things more clear.

Here is the list of Pokemon they’ve used against Entei:

Trainer Lvl 36

  • Tyranitar cp3486 iv91 Bite-StoneEdge
  • Tyranitar cp3414 iv84 Bite-StoneEdge
  • Rhydon cp3161 iv93 MudSlap-StoneEdge
  • Vaporeon cp2822 iv76 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Golem cp2782 iv96 RockThrow-StoneEdge
  • Golem cp2595 iv78 RockThrow-StoneEdge

Second Team:

  • Golem cp2513 iv98 RockThrow-StoneEdge
  • Vaporeon cp2466 iv80 WaterGun-HydroPump

Trainer Lvl 37

  • Vaporeon cp3061 iv96 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp2842 iv71 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp2841 iv72 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp2817 iv60 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp2809 iv62 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp2805 iv60 WaterGun-HydroPump

Second Team:

  • Golem cp2575 iv89 RockThrow-StoneEdge
  • Golem cp2562 iv80 RockThrow-StoneEdge

Trainer Lvl 38

  • Vaporeon cp3064 iv82 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp3063 iv87 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp3060 iv80 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp2976 iv73 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Vaporeon cp2948 iv69 WaterGun-HydroPump
  • Golem cp2811 iv89 RockThrow-RockBlast

Second Team:

  • Golem cp2561 iv82 MudSlap-RockBlast
  • Golem cp2515 iv73 RockThrow-StoneEdge



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