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Escape From Tarkov to Include Open World

While the game is still in Closed Beta, we’ve been thinking and investigating the potential outcome of it. Escape from Tarkov can transform into many things. After doing a lot of research, despite the raid feature in Escape from Tarkov, the game will Open the Whole World. Battlestate has never announced any of these changes coming soon, but Escape from Tarkov will surely open the whole world to its players.

A lot of people think that Escape From Tarkov will be all about Raids. Instead, that will make the game boring and unplayable, knowing the fact how the game allows people to team up. That’s one of the matchmaking issues the game has, which should also be fixed. We’re still in an Closed Beta phase, and a new patch is coming out very soon, which should include the Hideouts mode. Now that the Asian servers are live, Battlestate games can progress even faster than just dealing with the unresponsive and laggy servers because of the high load.

It’s time for progress and we know it.

Open World Addition, Player’s Dream

Every Escape From Tarkov player dreams about the Open World feature so they can roam around after players have completed their available raids. What we think is that Escape From Tarkov will be locking the raids after their first-time finish. If there’s a locking system, the players will have nothing to do except join the Open World, which is going to add a SURVIVAL purpose in the game where players will finally have to consume food and water.

For now, no one is pushed to carry any of those items unless he’s planning to stay for such a long time inside a raid. Now, while the game is in beta, there’s nothing more to play except to raid the available areas. Below you can see the whole map which is planned to become an Open World rather than just raids:

The great thing is that in Open World, players will roam freely while trying to find better loot by killing NPC’s or Scavs. What we assume is that only the PMC option will be available to join the Open World instance, rather than play as a Scav in it. Scavs will probably be AI’s only, unlike the Raids system. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair at all. One way or another, the Open World feature is coming to Escape From Tarkov, no matter the time needed to.



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