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Gen 3 to Bring Master Ball and Several Other New Items to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Players, we have some new, not surprising possible releases on our hands! I’m saying not surprising because most Pokemon Go players know these items were in the game, but this is relevant as everyone will need these items when Gen 3 arrives.

The reverse engineer, called Chrales, discovered some in-game items that have code entries. He is a quite reliable source of many leaks and discoveries in the past. He managed to get the full item list, with the sprites and some descriptions of the hidden items.

Have in mind that, the items discovered have some chance of being released, which means that this does not imply they will for sure be released.

The hidden items currently discovered in the APK (see the short clip below):

  • Bluk Berry
  • Wepear Berry
  • X Attack
  • X Defense
  • Master Ball



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