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Gravity Rush 2 Demo is Coming Out Today

Gravity Rush 2 Demo is coming out today, just as the title says. With all the happy holidays around, this was really missing. Now, we have the complete pack to celebrate our holidays. Being away less than one month before the launch of Gravity Rush 2, players will get their chance to taste the new Gravity Rush 2.

While a lot of players were itching to taste Kat’s adventure before the New year, now they will be able to do it. The demo will be out today, December 22. Through this demo, there will be two paths to choose. One part will be for all new players to Gravity rush and another one for all those who are familiar with Kat’s powers. It doesn’t matter what kind of level and knowledge you possess, it’s important to try the demo at any cost. The full Gravity Rush game should come out in a month. So, this is your chance to try out the game and enjoy while doing it.

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