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Heroes of The Storm Bloodlust Brawl

As you already know, Heroes of The Storm is having this weekly Brawls with great rewards. This week’s Bloodlust Brawl breaks all the rules with the Orcish horde’s powers.

There are two modes this week, Shuffle Pick and Bloodlust. In the first one, there are 3 heroes. Out of three you are able to choose only one before starting the battle on Dragon Shire. The choosing time is 30 seconds. Are you fast enough to get the right hero?

About Bloodlust, on every 30 seconds, when the gates open, only two players on each team gets Rehgar’s Bloodlust. So the chance for all Heroes to receive¬†Bloodlust is 15%. But, after 5:00 pm every player gets a permanent Bloodlust.

In addition, all Mercenary and Dragon Knight camps are under the effect of Bloodlust. So take down the enemy Core and be victorious.

Finishing three matches of the new Bloodlust Brawl, grants you 1k gold and a portrait that you see below:

Heroes of The Storm Bloodlust Brawl

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