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Ho-Oh’s Catch Rate Increase When Pokemon Go Trainers use Golden Berry and Throw Excellent Curveball

Ho-Oh is the last Legendary Pokemon from Gen 2 in Pokemon Go, available to battle and catch until December 12. This Legendary Pokemon is not hard to beat at all, but it seems like a lot of Pokemon Go players are struggling to catch it. For that matter, I’ve found a very good strategy on how to catch Ho-Oh, and the most important thing is to use Golden Berry and to throw an Excellent Curveball.

Patience is the key here. First hold down the ball till the circle is the size you want and then let up on the ball, the smaller the better. Be careful to hold down and not move the ball, so you don’t drop it. Don’t make it all the way down to smallest circle or it will go back to a large circle by the time your ball gets there to give yourself a little wiggle room.

Wait for Ho-Oh to settle at the bottom of the screen.

When it is at the bottom of the screen and it does its attack move, start your spin at the bottom left (for a counterclockwise spin) or right (clockwise spin). When it’s finishing its move, start your throw.

You want to aim your throw right between his eyes (or beak). You should stop your throw (raise your finger) right when your finger touches his beak. It’s a fairly short throw, so there is a very little curve or long motion on your throw.

Ho-Oh’s catch rate is 2% but with a Golden Berry and Excellent Curveball, you can increase that to about 35%.

Although this technique is similar to other Legendaries, where you aim and how long you throw the ball is significantly different.

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