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HOTS: Stitches Build Guide, Warrior Within

Stitches is our favorite in Heroes of the Storm. He’s so fun to play knowing the fact you can hook enemies and somehow isolate them away from their teammates. The only problem is the durability he has if you pick the wrong talents. That’s why we are making this Stitches Guide for Heroes of the Storm.


This guide is going to include talents, a bit of explanation and you’ll be good to go and play Stitches the way we love to.

Stitches Build Guide, Talents

Stitches Build Guide, Talents Included

Speaking for Stitches, he’s job is to land perfect hooks and get an instant kill.


It’s just a matter of timing, precision and also, a team follow up. By saying a team follow up, your team must be standing behind you so you can get that instant kill and do not let the enemy get away.

Ok, so now let’s just see the talents first, and then we can talk a bit more about the playstyle. Keep in mind that we love playing Stitches like this, making him extremely tanky and hard to kill. After all, that’s what you want to have, a hard tank that annoys and isolates the enemies. Also, he might be able to kill them too. Now, let’s preview the talents.

1  Hungry for More Talent

Hungry for More

4 Restorative Fumes Talent

Restorative Fumes Talent Icon

7 Toxic Gas Talent

Toxic Gas Talent Icon

10 Putrid Bile Heroic

Putrid Bile Heroic Icon

13 Flea Bag Talent

Stitches Flea Bad Talent Icon

16 Stoneskin Talent

Stoneskin Talent Icon

20 Regenerative Bile Talent

regenerative bile talent icon

Pumping up

Alright, so by pumping up we mean on picking up Hungry for More talent. That talent makes this build tanky as hell. This will also help Stitches to grow bigger as the game goes on. Having Stitches becoming a beast as the game goes on is a must. This is the part where you become a pain for the enemy team. Just make sure you do not forget about the Healing Globes that will empower your HP.

The second talent is the Vile Gas Talent. That talent might also help you be a bit more tanky. It comes good in addition with the first talent and also with Toxic Gas talent too. Getting a bit of HP regen is always good.

Starting to develop

Picking up the Putrid Bile Heroic will give you the chance to also slow enemies and increase movement speed. It might be both good when chasing enemies or getting away from them, knowing the fact they are getting slowed and you might be a team savior.

Now, getting the Flea Bag talent will give us the chance to reset our cooldowns faster, but only if we get stunned or rooted. If the enemy team has roots and stuns, this talent is definitely a must. You might heal yourself with your Devour ability 2 or three times. That might be really annoying for the enemy team, knowing the fact you’re in the front lines, tanking and creating space for your team.

Getting the Stoneskin talent is also a must. Running this build is awesome, but sometimes you might get yourself in a big danger. This might also save you. There’s not anything else to explain around this, just make sure you activate it when needed.

And the last, the Regenerative Bile talent which is awesome if you ask me. It empowers Stitches heroic ability, which means it’s freaking awesome. Getting a bit longer duration, additional movement speed by 10% and also a chance to heal yourself… that’s devastating… for the enemy team, of course.

That all we have to say about this Stitches build guide. We’ve tried different builds with Stitches but it seems like this one works the best. Playing Stitches with these talents it’s really awesome. Please, try this build out and let us know how did it go in the comments down below!


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