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The International 7: The Very First Surprise Came With the First Match of the Main Event

The International’s Main Event has begun and brought the very first surprise. In the first match, Team Liquid lost against Invictus Gaming, which is the first surprise of this year’s The International. Even after Liquid’s amazing performance during the group stage, they came out short in their first match.

Liquid disappoints as they have failed to beat Invictus Gaming

Poor Execution was probably the reason for the loss of Team Liquid and now they’ll have to battle their way through the lower bracket. The first round of the match went into Invictus Gaming favor, and Liquid managed to make that even after the second round. However, it’s Best of Three and Invictus Gaming has won the third game, advancing forward in the upper bracket, while Team Liquid has to battle their way in the lower bracket.

That being said, Team Liquid will have to face the better team of Team Secret and Execration in the lower bracket. Team Liquid has a lot of fans around the globe and they’re probably disappointed at this very moment. It feels like it’s Miracle’s curse. When it comes to The International he doesn’t have enough luck to carry the team to Victory. On the other side, Invictus Gaming has been quite confident and steady on their team execution, which resulted in such an outcome.

The International is an event where literally everything could happen. The first TI 7 match was quite surprising and points towards an amazing event.



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