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Mobile Legends: Alpha Build Guide

With the new patch 1.1.50, Mobile Legends is bringing us a new hero, Alpha. He is a very effective hero, and with the following item build, Alpha is unbeatable.

alpha build guide

Alpha is a creation of biological material and space meteorolite. The scientist has created two heroes, twins. One is Alpha and the second is his twin brother Beta. On their escape, Alpha loses his brother, who got completely destroyed. The only thing Alpha could save is his brother metal arm, which now he uses as a form of an aircraft. Alpha uses 4 skills, one passive and three casters. His passive skill is Go, Beta! Everytime Alpha uses a skill, he summons Beta to attack and mark a target. After the second mark, Beta attacks the target with 180 true damage.


Rotary Impact is one of his casters. Casting this spell, he slows down the enemies on its way by 60% and deals 235 physical damage. Also, Beta kicks in dealing 95 physical damage. He then powers up with Force Swing and deals 245 physical damage. On every hit, he gets additional 5% attack speed and restores 85 HP.

Alpha’s ult is Spear of Alpha. He uses his spear to hit a target by dealing 355 physical damage. At this state, Alpha gets closer to the enemy and target’s area by dealing 205 physical damage. So, how to use his skills? First you cast Force Swing, then use Rotary Impact and keep his ult for last. The target will be in base respawning thinking what just happened there 🙂

Here are the items he needs to be an MVP:

  • Fallen Sword – Each basic attack will deal 8% of the target’s HP, with 45 additional to physical attack, +30% attack speed and +10% lifesteal
  • Swift Boots – Increases his movement speed by 40 and his attack speed +15%
  • Blade of Despair – This item grants him additional 15% dmg if the enemy is stunned, airborne or disabled.
  • Bloodthirsty King – If you kill an enemy, or assist Alpha gets 20% HP regeneration
  • Wind Chaser – Penetration
  • Heart of Steel – Grants 20% critical strike rate reduction

Following this build guide will make Alpha your favorite hero for sure. Thanks to Moonton and Mobile Legends for giving us Alpha!



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