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Mobile Legends Ruby Build Guide

Dear MLBB fans and players, you now have probably the best skill guide and item build guide for the newest hero, Ruby. In addition, I will also help you what emblem she needs. I’m sorry for the delay, but the hero was recently updated due to some in-game issues. But, the team at FGR got your back.

Ruby aka Little Red Hood hits MLBB with the latest patch. Many players have already played with her, but they’re skeptical of playing her. Maybe because they don’t know what items to get, or maybe because of lack of knowledge about her skills. I got you here ūüôā So, keep on reading and find out more about Ruby and her life story.

ruby build guide

We all know the story about Red Riding Hood. So, now the devs make the story more interesting, I have to say “I love it”! Ruby and her granny were saved by a hunter grandpa from a wolf’s belly. But, the wolf pack leader Haas seeks revenge for his fallen wolf soldier. He and his wolf pack go to revenge their brother by attacking the village. Granpa was trying to save them all, but he and granny got killed in action. Ruby got very upset and used a scythe to cut Haas in half. But that’s not all. Ruby ate his heart, raw! Sounds cool right? Man, she is cruel! Wait until you see what she can do with her skills.

How to use Ruby’s skills?

Like all heroes in MLBB, Ruby is with 4 abilities, 1 passive and 3 casters.

  • Let’s Dance – Passive Skill: Every time you use a skill, Ruby can change her position. So, there are 2 options, backward or forward. Going backward grants her armor. Jumping forward gives slow-down effect to her skills. During this time, her basic attack will no longer have lifesteal. But, her skills will inherit 100% of lifesteal effect
  • Be good – Caster: Uses her scythe to attack fast and deals 50 pts physical dmg to the target in front. At the same time, she launches a wave that deals 50pts physical dmg to each target affected by it
  • Don’t run Wolf King – Caster: Attacks twice in a row by dealing 40 pts physical dmg and stuns the target for 0.7 seconds. At the same time, Ruby pulls the enemy closer and deals 30% dmg to enemies outside of the zone
  • I’m offended! – Caster Ult: If you are on the enemy side, bro you are dead! But playing Ruby gives you this feeling like you own the game! Deals, 205 physical dmg, pulls the heroes closer and stuns enemies for ¬†0.5 seconds.

So here is it. Use her Ult first, go for Be good and keep Don’t run Wolf King for last. In this order, Ruby helps the team a lot, by pulling the heroes closer and making them an easier target to eliminate. There is no way to escape this combo!

Ruby Build Guide

With the following build guide, or item build (call it however you like, but it’s the same) her magic power increases as well as her physical attack. Also, always go for Magic Emblem Set and Purify.

  • Glowing Wand –– When a skill hits a target, it will deal extra 2%/2.5%/3% of targets HP as magic damage.
  • Magic Shoes –¬†Increase Ruby’s movement speed by 40 and +10% CD reduction
  • Concentrated Energy –: +70 magic power and +700 HP. Using this item will increase the Spell¬†Vamp by +20%. Also, After Ruby kills a hero, she will get 10% HP as a recharge.
  • Athena’s Shield –¬†Grants 20 HP regen. On 30 seconds, she will get a shield that absorbs a lot of damage, from 450 to 1150. This depends on how long Ruby is in battle. Defense item, that will definitely help you in fight
  • Blade of Despair –¬†Adds 130 physical attack, 25% attack speed and +10% critical strike chance. This works perfectly with her passive skill. The critical gains more lifesteal :). So, whenever the enemy is in an abnormal state, Ruby deals extra 15% damage. You pull them, they got burnt in a second!
  • Corrosion Scythe –¬†Ruby is now with 25% more to slow the target by 35%. Pull them, slow them, slow them even more and finish it!

I hope this Ruby build guide can help you a lot in the game and make you pros! If I’m missing something, please let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe and get the best MLBB build guides.



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  • Ryan Shippy

    Why all the magic gear

    • Christian Labador

      you tried it? let me know please

      • To be honest, Ruby is nothing special in MLBB. The reason why I recommend magic gear is the dmg of her spells. In this way you can at least help the team. If you guys recommend any guide, please let me know and I will try it and update this article. Thank you.

  • Christian Labador

    why magic gears and emblem?

  • Bryson

    First of all, for her passive, her basic attacks can’t lifesteal no matter what, not just when she’s getting buffed from jumping forwards or backwards. Secondly, im pretty sure magic power doesnt buff up her skills but ive never tried it. A reply would be much appreciated, thx.

    • Natsuko Yoshimoto

      I tried this build,and yea those magic gears doesnt help much.i meant the damage.only hp & cd is the only thing u will get.

      • True. As I’ve said in the post, magic power and physical attack. This guide is made for a team play. You can always present us a build guide. Thank you for your comment.

    • Hi there. Thank for your comment. This build is made for a faster skills cd and higher hp. With this beeing said, you will find in a position where you can help your team, aka team play or even get a triple kill. I’ve focused on her skills, not on the basic attacks.

  • Hades

    i go physical/magic :^)

  • Sir AF

    For me, I’ve always go for attack item that has cooldown reduction effect as starters, and then go defense item. I’ve never tried magic item on her. She’s fun to play with. She’s like the less tanky version of Tigreal, but with lifesteal and faster cooldown (after buying some item of course). Early game is a pain in the ass tho. You cannot spam her skill too much with her mana pool.

    • That is one of the reasons why I’ve focused on magic items.

  • Lucas

    i dont find the sun scepeter

  • piconooby

    Hello, I play quite alot of moba and i must say ruby is one of the best team players in the game. She can easily turn tides for your team by making amazing engagements with her ultimate and by soaking up damage which she just aoe heals back. The trick is to balance damage and tank. You need to get lifesteal up first. Then focus on tank to survive in fights. Once u think ur tank enough, Just build more lifesteal x dmg. Using this method i currently have a 100% winrate of 19 games at Masters lV, pretty sure i can go further easily. Going for magic gear is clearly a waste when she is based on damage. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d84e9605f5141687509fc70a42119d7edee8ae3274204df41213cf6ec6bc284b.png