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NBA 2k17 Face Scan App Becomes Reality, How to Scan Your Face and The Prelude

Now, you will be able to scan your face for Your Player (MyPlayer), which is going to make the game more realistic for you. They wanted to do this just to make the players more committed, as usual. Are they going to achieve that? Time will tell. The face scan is done by using the Nba 2k17 Face Scan App (My NBA2k17), a smartphone app which is available for both Android and iOS.

You might be a little bit disappointed because the look of the app it’s totally the same like the year before. But, however, the face scan should be improved by a lot.

nba2k17 face scan app

You can download the Prelude on PSN and Xbox Live just to check how this is done and if it’s going to suit your needs as you think. It,s really simple. You start the app, follow the inestructions and you should be there.

But, however, there is a little problem. While you scan your face, you should be aware of the lightening behind you. You should do this on a open area and on a natural sunlight if possible, which means scanning outdoor is number one priority.

Using Rear Camera

It’s advisable that you use your rear camera because the picture will be with a better quality. If you use your front camera, when Scan Your Face message comes out look directly at it. If you use your rear camera just watch at the lense. It should be alright.

Prelude Available

The Prelude has been available to download for 2 days now and you can try your MyPlayer mode as soon as possible. Experience the awesome atmosphere of midnight mania, and increase your draft stock before hitting the floor on the final release. Guess what? Everything you do in the prelude with your character, including the face scan and accomplishments, will be transferred to the final release of the game, which is freaking amazing.

I am sure that everyone downloaded the game on Xbox Live and PSN. Let us see who’s going to have the best MyPlayer Career ever. MyPlayer Journey should be the best journey you ever had from the most games that offer these kind of gameplay.

This means you need to download the Prelude right now and start balling. See you in the game!

NBA 2k17 Face Scan

NBA2k17 Face Scan App
Nba2k17 game

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