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New Wave of EX Raid Passes Was Just Sent, Third in One Month

Trainers, Pokemon Go just sent a new wave of EX Raid passes, so cross your fingers, open your app and see if you’re one of the lucky players who got an EX pass for March 17.

This is the third wave of EX Raid passes for this month, and some players are reporting that they have 3 and more passes. Here is a player who reported his 3 EX Raid Passes, one set for today, one for tomorrow and one for March 17.

ex raid march 17

While some players are reporting more than 3 passes, some are still “struggling” to get one. But hey, look at the bright side, April, May, June etc. sound like great months to get your EX Raid invitations. Who knows, there might be more EX Raid happening in March. Or maybe, your luck has left you a long time ago.



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