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Overwatch’s New Hero Might Be Hammond

Blizzard has a descriptive blog entry about Overwatch. It describes parts of the events that happened on Horizon Lunar Colony, the home of Winston.

It was revealed that Winston is not the only one missing from the base.

overwatch new hero hammond

Blizzard released a transmission from Horizon chatting about Hammond. The scientist says “I don’t know why we ever thought it was a good idea to have smaller test subjects, I completely regret it.”

For the ones that do not know what is going on, the enhanced gorillas overthrew scientists on Horizon in Overwatch lore. Winston escaped, and Hammond went missing.

There is a slight chance that Blizzard hints at Horizon as a fresh map for the team-based shooter. The game director said that there will be three new maps that will come to Overwatch this year, which are totally different from the maps they released for the event of their anniversary.

Orisa was the last character that was added to Overwatch. In the spirit of the roster additions, Kaplan talked about a rejected hero for the game.

Overwatch currently has over 30 million players and keep on rising!



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