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Paladins OB48 Patch Brings Seris, Oracle of the Abyss

Hi-Rez studios just continue pushing new updates for Paladins. This is one of the best way to keep a game alive, and they’re really good at it. The new Paladins OB48 patch will give us a new champion, Seris, Oracle of the Abyss.


She got’s some serious abilities when it comes down to supporting her fellow teammates.

Paladins OB48 Patch

This patch is also going to include some General Changes, new customizations and additional card changes to some champions. Hi-Rez Studios are trying their best when it comes down to balancing their game, so this will be going on quite longer than expected.


Now, let’s just see what kind of skills Seris owns.

Seris, Oracle of the Abyss

Soul Orb [LMB]

Fire a stream of magic projectiles from your hand that deal 210 damage every 0.3 seconds. Your projectiles pass through enemies and apply a Soul Orb stack with every hit. This Stacks up to 4 times.

Restore Soul [RMB]

Restore the soul of an ally while healing them for 1000 health every second for 2 seconds. This ability looks really amazing, knowing the fact that Seris might be a life savior.

Rend Soul [Q]

Detonate all of your active Soul Charges. Deal 100 damage to the afflicted enemy for every charge detonated. Every charge detonated also heals you for 15% of your maximum life.

Shadow Travel [F]

Step into another plane of reality for 5 seconds. While this ability is active you are in stealth and immune to all harmful effects.

Convergence [E]

Cast your soul core into the Battlefield. After a delay, a tear in reality will manifest and drag in nearby enemies.

As we know, before some time the Legendary Cards were introduced. Well, Seris owns the following Legendary Cards:

Soul Collector

Affects Weapon. Soul Charges you detonate increase your maximum health by 2% per charge. This stacks up to 8 times and the stacks are clear on death.


Affects Rend Soul. Rend Soul now applies a 1s stun to the victim when they are afflicted with 4 soul charges.

Mortal Reach

Affects Restore Soul. Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and the duration by 1 second.

You can find all of the other normal cards on the following link:


Seris, Oracle of the Abyss

General Changes

This is probably the most important changes players want to see when a new patch applies. As always, Hi-Rez continues to fix their in-game issues.

Champions names and role are displayed when highlighted and champions abilities are now viewable when selected (press and hold K).

Even though I do not think a lot of players are playing on controllers, now, controllers received a vibration when playing on PC.

Spectator settings are now available at all times in the Options menu and General Performance improvements for visual effects are developed.

Now, you’ll no more get annoyed by the Disenchant cards bug.

When it comes down to competitive and custom gameplay, the champions pick order is now fixed and the champion trading is working.

The overtime bug will no more trigger more than once when a team captures the point and the payload cart missing sillhouette in Siege and Payload game modes is fixed.

As we said, this Paladins OB48 patch will also offer some new customizations, skins, voice packs, chests, maps changes and more. For more detailed patch notes, visit the link below:


Tell us your thoughts on this patch. is Paladins OB48 is going to be your favorite patch? Let’s wait and see!



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