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Payday 2 Update 137.1 Reverts the Melee Damage

Payday 2 Update 137.1 is now available.

In cooperation with their community, they decided that the melee damage should be reverted.

Payday 2 Update 137.1

This update not only reverts the melee damage but it also fixes some issues. The Update is 44,9mb big, and it also fixes the Steam OS version of the game.

As promised, they fixed the issues with the challenges and also the issues with two achievements having the same icons. That will no longer bother you.

The Trophy name for the turtle is also fixed, including the portal issues on Heat Street.

Fixed the issue with windows on the first van on Heat Street. Also, the second escape on Heat Street is fixed too.

While a lot of players think that this has not been fixed, the Steam OS version is fixed.

Capturing Matt will no longer give continental coins after a completing the level. Matt is removed as a trophy.

What do you think about this Payday 2 Update? Good or bad? Let us know in the comments down below!



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