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PC players might avoid Destiny 2 because of Bungie’s ignorance

This is where having lots of friends matters, especially if all of them are PC players. Been speaking with them, and no matter the relationship and conversations we had on Destiny 2, it still seems like Destiny 2 will come out short when it comes down to PC players. While the hype was going on throughout E3 2017, the fact that Destiny 1 was not available for PC and the fact that PC users will get their chance on Destiny 2 later than the Console players, feels like all the hype is starting to cool off.

Furthermore, what’s really annoying is that the Demo for all of the consoles starts quite a bit earlier than the PC. Because of that, there’s no reason to experience Destiny 2’s Beta edition when players will be able to watch many videos about it.

We honestly think it feels short and quite disrespectful towards every single PC user, which¬†might just hurt Bungie’s earnings and it surely will. Many people are going to avoid the PC edition of Destiny 2, not just because of the late beta but also because of Destiny 1 not being released for PC. If we sum it up, it’s a big loss for Bungie, knowing that the PC players are the most addicted when it comes down to shooter games.

This is what’s so called a boomerang effect, and believe me, no one ever loves it. The least expected moment is the moment it strikes back, and no one ever loves that. Now, right before the Beta version, Destiny 2 will have its time, but be sure that the PC gaming community will strike back even stronger.



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