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Phantom Lancer Scepter Upgrade is Really Bad

Yes, it is bad indeed. Even after the changes Phantom Lancer will not be that strong of a carry. It seems like Phantom Lancer’s pick rate will still be down there. I do not believe anyone would like to play PL anymore. Let’s see why below Phantom Lancer Scepter is actually a bad upgrade. It cannot get any worse after the Dota 2 7.00 update came to live.

Phantom Lancer Scepter

Everyone just loved the old PL back in the days. All the Phantom Lancer lovers were just having fun. Even though I still think it needed some kind of changes, he’s not able to cope with any other carries in the game at the moment.

Phantom Lancer Scepter Changes, Spirit Lance

Just to review all of this, you must see what is changed in the picture below.

Phantom Lancer Spirit Lance

Yep, this is the spell that’s being boosted by Aghanim’s Scepter. This Dota 2 7.00 update was really painful. Spirit Lance was a decent spell but I doubt anyone will rush the Scepter on PL instead of the Diffusal and BoT’s. Seriosly, you do not have a clue why is it bad right? Scepter’s bounce range is 400. Well, I am not even sure that is 400 because compared to Slark’s ultimate with Scepter is kinda same, and Slark’s Shadow Dance is 325 range. You can see that in the Gif animation below. Given that fact, I do not know if anyone will try Aghanim’s Scepter on PL. Compared to Phantom Lancer Scepter Upgrade, Anti-Mage Scepter upgrade is better by far. Even if it jumps on enemies, what is this even

Given that fact, I do not know if anyone will try Aghanim’s Scepter on PL. Compared to Phantom Lancer Scepter Upgrade, Anti-Mage Scepter upgrade is better by far. Even if it jumps on enemies, what is this even going to do in late game except slow the enemies and spawn 5 illusions (only if you hit all the players in a range of 400. The damage that it’s done is 250, which makes me laugh.

Spirit Lance Gif Animation with Aghanim’s Scepter

Let’ see the gif animation and bounce radius of Spirit Lance.

PL Spirit Lance with Scepter

Are you kidding me? You call this a cool upgrade? Is that all that Phantom Lancer’s Scepter can do? Instead of this bouncing thing, they could’ve increased the damage of Spirit Lance. Or, in addition to the Bouncing Effect, they can add at least 50-100 more damage to the bounces. Is that going to be too OP? Given the fact that Dota 2 matches are being played a lot longer after the 7.00 update, this means that going to late game with Aghanim’s Scepter on Phantom Lancer it’s going to be really really bad.

I mean, you can clearly see in the animation above that Spirit Lance Actually doesn’t jump on the right side towards the two heroes. Even if it did, it’s still bad by the way.

We are just speaking about the facts. I will say it one more time, hoping Valve will hear me somehow. Please, at least boost the damage of Spirit Lance so it will be more balanced. Even the talents on Phantom Lancer doesn’t seem to have that much of effect like on some other carries. Just Shameful. Let’s just better make a grave for Phantom Lancer and bury him down. Now, since we speak about the Phantom Lancer talents, let’s see them below.

Phantom Lancer Talent Tree

As we said, they do not seem to be that strong comparing to the other carry heroes. Let’s see them below.

Phantom Lancer Talent Tree

Who will ever need a Phantom Rush range boost at level 25? If Legion Commander can get +40 Duel Damage, PL can also get something OP. It seems that the hate on PL just continues to grow.

Speaking about that, Phantom Lancer’s “Phantom Rush” spell now grants agility as it scales up to a higher level, 6/12/18/24 agility. This is the only thing Phantom Lancer received as a buff and seems kind of OK. It also affects the illusions of his. Anything else than Phantom Rush is just bad.

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