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Planet Coaster Update 1.2 Is Now Live

Planet Coaster just got a new, free update 1.2 today. It has a lot to offer, so keep on reading and find out more.


Planet Coaster Spring Update allows you to be even more creative than before. The players can customize their Missy Good shops with signs, fencing, security cameras and animatronics.

planet coaster update 1.2

There are also three new flat rides, Zozo, Elixir Machine and Big Wheel. For the tracked rides, the players can now race with brand new Go-Karts. There are 20 unique cars, which will bring you great results in each race.


For the coasters lovers, they can now enjoy three new coasters, Steel Hydra, Bakasura and the Trident. The first one is a swinging coaster with unique elegance. The Bakasura is an inverted shuttle coaster, where the guests can drive back and forth on the same track. The Trident is a classy shuttle coaster that releases the car from up high.

Here is something that I personally find very interesting. Pickpockets and vandals are now active. They are going everywhere in your park, trying to bother your guests. But, the players have to make sure to make their guests happy and safe. There is a solution for all of this as well.

You can now hire a Security Guard, that will patrol in your park and catch the pickpockets before they leave the park. Because if they do, they can call their “gang” and your park will be full with a crime. Besides the Security Guard, you can also install cameras to put fear into these criminals.

But, this is not all. If your guests are not happy and satisfied, they will turn into vandals themselves. Also, failing to serve a guest will result in dropping ratings.

The players have a new option now and can re-brand a ride with a new name. You can also find a Ride Reputation timeline, where you can see the aging process.

Planet Coaster update 1.3 adds three new scenarios in the game. Oak Island, Downtown and Chief Beef’s Raceway.

About the blueprints, now you can upload from 2k to 4k pieces per blueprint into the Steam Workshop. You can include flat rides, entrance/exit stations and five rides per blueprint.

In addition, for those who don’t own the game yet, feel free to log into Steam and get Planet Coaster with 25% starting from today.


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