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Pokemon Co. Introduces Project Eevee, Your New Favorite Mascot

Back in November 2017, the Pokemon Company had teased a new project based on one of its popular characters, Eevee, and at that time, a lot of Pokemon fans have been saying “a new mobile game is coming,” something similar to Magikarp Jump or Pokemon Shuffle.

Today, the company responsible for marketing and licensing the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Company, revealed their Project Eevee to the world, but it’s not a new mobile game that we’re talking about, it’s just a new inflatable Eevee mascot, and to be honest, it looks very cute.

pokemon company project eevee

Remember the army of inflatable Pikachu mascot costumes on every event? Now, there is a new army ‘set’ to release on every Pokemon event, and this time is an army of inflatable Eevee mascot costumes on every Pokemon, and you can see it below.



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