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Pokemon Go Guide From Beginners to Advanced, Everything you Need to Know

A Pokemon Go Trainer who goes by the name of AlpolloOptik on Reddit, has made a very useful, comprehensive guide from beginners to advanced. He called his guide Professor Willow’s Handbook and I personally think that this is something everyone should know, follow and use, step by step, when starting or already playing Pokemon Go.

AlpolloOptik has decided to write a comprehensive guide conserving and summarizing everything that is important for a Pokemon Go player to know. He also mentioned that there is no such thing as the best guide, as everyone has their own playstyle.

The Professor Willow’s Handbook guide includes the following topics and you can find the link to the full guide at the end of this article:

  • Resources
  • Pokestops
  • Gyms
  • Raid Battles
  • Catch probability
  • Moves, IVs, Damage calculations and breakpoints
  • Weather Effects
  • Teambuilding

The beginner to advanced guide is based on AlpolloOptik’s personal experience and provides tips and info for everyone playing Pokemon Go.

Professor Willow’s Handbook – a Comprehensive Guide from Beginners to Advanced.



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