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Pokemon Go: Kangaskhan Weekend in Anaheim, California

Pokemon Go is celebrating Pokemon World Championship (PWC) with increased spawn rate of Kangaskhan in Anaheim, California starting on August 18 until August 20.

Kangaskhan hasn’t been seen in the US and this weekend it’s making its debut in Anaheim, California, with increased spawn rate and capture chance. Also, Unowns are spawning at a higher rate.

Junichi Masuda, the Japanese video game composer, designer, director producer and programmer has announced, “Just for this weekend in the Anaheim area, Kangaskhan will be appearing in the area. And there are also rumors going around that Tauros are appearing in even greater numbers than usual. I hope you all get a chance to catch them.

During this year’s PWC, players around the world will compete against each other by playing Pokemon games. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go is not offering any competitive event this year.

For last, if you’re curious to know what’s happening there and don’t have the chance to participate, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the livestream!

Watch live video from Pokemon on www.twitch.tv

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