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Pokemon Go’s Ho-Oh is Not Coming to the Game Anytime Soon

We heard some rumors that circle around the Pokemon Go community. But Niantic closed up one rumor that all of us Pokemon Go players were most excited about.

It is about Ho-Oh. This Pokemon will not be coming to Pokemon GO anytime soon. It all began over the weekend when the PoGO fans on Reddit came across a screenshot from an announcement from Niantic’s Japanese support email. Some believed it was fake, some believed it was real. Niantic put a stop on it as quickly as possible.

The official representative u/NianticGeorge confirmed that the email was faked by writing on r/PokemonGo: “I reviewed our support ticketing system and I can confirm that our support team did not send this erroneous message.”

This genderless Fire and Flying-type Pokemon, originating from Gen 2, is the trio master for the Legendary Beasts, which means that when its arrival in Pokemon GO happens, everyone will be in a Legendary-mood. It is unclear though when Ho-Oh will come to the game.

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