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QuiVr Patch 0.33.4b1 Upgrades Unity To 5.5

QuiVr patch 0.33.4b1 is now available on the beta branch.

How to download it?

You just go in Steam Library, right click QuiVr and select Properties. Then you click on Betas and select the beta branch. To find out more about the patch notes, please keep on reading further.

QuiVr patch 0.33.4b1

The new patch 0.33.4b1 brings changes to the map rendering and enemy rendering. Also, the multiplayer score will now save even if you lose.In

In addition, QuiVr Unity is now 5.5 instead of 5.4. This brings a lot of changes, better performance and more stability.

Also, the rendering mode to Single-Pass Stereo is changed. This will lower the GPU process, but will stop some effects from working correctly. Now, distortion is disabled and will no longer bring side effects.

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