Roller Champions is a Super Fun Video Game in Which You Can Also DUNK!

We haven’t been talking about Roller Champions simply because we’re all pretty much addicted to it. We cannot even stop playing it. Working in shifts, playing in shifts, at least that’s how it goes here. Roller Champions offers a super fun experience, and it definitely reminds of Rocket League due to exceptionally crazy mechanics.

For those who are not familiar with, Roller Champions is an Arena Roller Derby game which is still in development. Luckily for the fans, Ubisoft released a pre-alpha build for players to try it in the light of E3 2019. And, we doubt anyone would deny its beauty, as the game creates such a joyful and fun moments for everyone, even the loser team. Wait, is this real?

Having the ability to play with a friend is unique and beneficial, and most likely painful for the opposite players as you will have the upper hand to plan things easier. Nevertheless, let’s leave that behind and talk about the game a tiny bit more.

Description & Gameplay

Roller Champions is a 3v3 arena Roller Derby video game, in which human players are put into a PvP environment. Progressing through each win will acquire more fans, and the result to that is highly dependant on the player performance. Tackling, Dodging, Scoring, and making Tricks is one of the core elements of the game, most probably leading to huge excitements.

Mastering the Arena slopes is also highly important, as you will gain speed and momentum a lot easier.

Fans & Arenas

To kill the boredom, Roller Champions offers different Terrains, distinct by look and style. Known as Arenas, they are unlocked by gaining fans, and will probably be the most important factor in the game. Each player has its own number of fans and they’re important for boosting the character’s popularity. Each different Arena will also include different commentary.

Currently, the Pre-Alpha version is capped at 3000 fans so there’s 1 additional arena you could unlock, the Mexico Arena. As we said, it is a good way to kill the monotony.

Huge Potential

Roller Champions has a huge potential, seen both from player and developer perspectives. It is somewhat easy to see the developer’s designation in the future, as it will surely introduce a good amount of skins probably locked behind the player’s XP, but also real money.

An advanced customization option has already been confirmed, as Roller Champions will include a variety of sponsors that will probably involve their brand for marketing purposes. We do not support, neither deny the possibility of adding microtransactions to Roller Champions. It is something met in most of the video games today, which again, for this type of game is somewhat necessary.

Imagining what else could be implemented in Roller Champions could make you numb. There are thousands of possibilities and combination that could improve the player’s experience, but also the revenue for Ubisoft.

Skill Requirement

It is all about timing and execution. Both attack and defense have to be purely acknowledged when competing in Roller Champions. Timing is extremely important as it will allow you to outplay some of the strongest enemies. It comes down to both individual and co-op gameplay, which again, is similar to what Rocket League offers. It is no coincidence why every media compared Roller Champions to Rocket League.

We’re pretty certain that it will also include Ranked Matchmaking, in which it will emphasize experienced matchmaking due to the progression of individual ranking.

Nevertheless, it will be sad to see Ubisoft spoil the fun by canceling the pre-alpha version. We believe everyone who even tried this game for a brief moment found a lot of joy and happiness within. Once you join the arena, despite win or loss, you’ll notice the hunger seeking for more Roller action.

Last, but not least, yes, you can also “DUNK” in Roller Champions!

Have you tried Roller Champions yourself? If so, what is your opinion on it? Speak yourself in the comments section below!

Roller Champions

Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8.1


Roller Champions is a solid, Rocket League alike video game that packs a lot of entertainment.

User Rating: 4.25 ( 1 votes)

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