The Division 2 Open Beta will include rewards

Those who will participate The Division 2 Open Beta will receive rewards, but also set a foot in Agent’s eyes. The open Beta event will start on Friday, more precisely from March 1 to March 4 and will include a couple of surprises. Additional, Massive Entertainment has already discovered all the missions and content that will be available during The Division 2’s Open Beta.

Division 2 is a beautiful video game. There’s no room for lying and as such, we, as a gaming portal, would encourage you to give The Division 2 a chance.

Now, let’s preview all of the story missions, PVE, and PVP content, including the end-game. End Game? Yes, there will be an end-game option and will usually be found on the alternate characters which are going to be boosted to level 30.

The Division 2 Open Beta will open its gates to three main missions. Moreover, it will input 5 side missions given to the player’s will. The Open World will always be free to roam on your main character, but the End-Game will be limited to only one mission as in the private beta.

Now let’s get back to PVE and PVP mode. Conflict and Dark Zone will also be included in the game, but the open beta will be limited to only one Dark Zone, most likely DZ East. Do not worry, it will be totally different than in The Division, which means you’ll have a lot bigger chance by playing solo. There goes our moment of encouragement.

For everyone who played the private beta, here are the changes in the Open Beta:

  • Character level cap increase to level 8
  • An additional Story missionβ€”Viewpoint Museum
  • An additional Skillβ€”Chem Launcher with two variants, Riot Foam, and Explosive Vapor
  • Two additional Settlement Projects with the second upgrade of the Theater
  • An additional Skirmish PVP mapβ€”Capitol Ruins

The Open Beta looks similarly close to the Private Beta, with an insane amount of bug fixes and an additional main mission.


You know, cosmetics nowadays play a vital part in every gaming community. Having the best skin surely makes you stand up. Therefore, Massive Entertainment has decided to reward each and every player that participates the Open Beta and does a good amount of content. One of the cosmetics will be available as soon as you enter the world of Washington DC (DC Patriot Weapon Skin), and the other one (Supply Crate Backpack Trophy) will be available after completing the Dark Zone mission and unlocking Dark Zone East.

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