The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Trailer Reveals Two New Careers

Many PC gamers’ favorite, “The Sims 4”, has its expansion soon. This time the players will have fun while restoring the beautiful town to its former glory. Here we have the expansion trailer, where you will see that Eco Lifestyle’s message is being about promoting green, clean living projects for your Sims. This will also include tons of exciting community initiatives and infrastructure which are based around sustainability.

A lot of exciting things will be happening in this installment, such as a Recycler, which will turn unnecessary furniture into resources that can be used for interesting new projects, as well as using solar generators to harvest natural energy, which can power the town.

Besides these features, your Sims will be able to work some new careers included in the game. A Civil Designer, a job in which you will have the task to rebuild the town in such a way that it will encourage sustainability. Or an entrepreneur, which will open a door of opportunities of profiting as a furniture maker, a candlemaker, a or Fizzy Juicer, from Eco Inventions.

Here you can watch the trailer for this fun installment:

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