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Top 10 Most Frequently Used Gym Defenders in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Gym rework has brought a lot of changes to the Gym system, making them more competitive and interactive. The same system brought the Raid Battles where players can join forces and fight against other Pokemon, solo or in a group.

It has been almost 3 months since the Gym rework and now I would like to present you the top 10 Gym defenders, thanks to a research made by Skydiver2021. The following statement is based on analysis made in 15 countries worldwide (50% from the US), only on Gyms with 5 or 6 defenders. Also, the analysis is made in downtown, suburban and rural Gyms.

So without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 Gym defenders in Pokemon Go:

  1. Snorlax – 11%
  2. Blissey – 10.6%
  3. Rhydon – 8.5%
  4. Gyarados – 8.4%
  5. Dragonite – 8.4%
  6. Vaporeon – 6.5%
  7. Tyranitar – 5%
  8. Exeggutor – 3.5%
  9. Arcanine – 3.4%
  10. Espeon – 2.4%

Skydiver2021 has looked over 1k Gyms worldwide. He is still looking for some help, so if you’re interested you can visit his Reddit account and help a fellow Trainer in his research.



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