Ubisoft May Ditch Friendly Fire From Rainbow Six Siege Casual Matchmaking

As much as it sounds impossible and that’s how much it sounds reasonable. The toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege is above normal levels and despite unwanted friendly kill, friendly fire in Rainbow Six Siege comes as a form of payback for whatever reason. If you have failed, teammates may strike back the next round. Its spiciness comes in a form of a pure revenge.

Therefore, Ubisoft enters the right path by just considering to change that to occur in near future. Rainbow Six Siege, at least its casual matches are full of toxicity and there are no concerns of punishments at all, meaning players can easily quit the server and queue instantly afterward.

Good Bye Friendly Fire

That’s why Ubisoft need to develop a new feedback system where players can easily report other players for any bad conduct during a match. Including toxicity as the biggest threat in online Rainbow Six Siege matches. In a recent PCGamesN Interview, brand director Alexandre Remy said that ending toxicity in R6Siege is their first and foremost goal. Knowing that team killing is the biggest threat, especially in casual matches.

Whenever you speak of an Online Multiplayer game, this is a truthful pain for most of the developers. They need to find an effective way to minimize the toxicity as much as they can. The rest is on the players. If they decide to enhance their measures for toxicity, Rainbow Six Siege may become more popular game than what it is now.

Furthermore, Rainbow Six Siege is before a release of Operation White Noise which is going to bring 3 new Operators and a brand new map to its online competitive world. Rainbow Six Siege counts as one of the most tactical FPS Games considering its need to plan and execute your tactics perfectly. Therefore, the community doesn’t need any kind of Toxicity. If you’re a R6Siege player, try to keep it civilized.

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