Unique Realistic Feature in Tony Hawk Pro Skater Imminent!

It has been confirmed that all your beloved skaters from both Tony Hawk Pro Skater remaster (1 and 2) will be featured with appearance not as their younger counterparts that originated in the original games, but as they currently look.

The original Tony Hawk Pro Skater game was released over 20 years ago. Unlike PokΓ©mon characters, Tony Hawk’s characters aged with the game, and you will be able to play with them as their current selves.

This means that a 52-year-old Tony Hawk will be featured in the Pro Skater remaster.

Fellow skaters Steve Caballero (55), Chad Muska (43 next week), Rodney Mullen (53), Elissa Steamer (44) and Andrew Reynolds (42 next month), will show their “current” ages in the upcoming game.

Realism included only makes the game better.

Another great thing is that this remaster will include blockbuster songs that originated in the original franchise.

David Goodwin

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