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Watch Dogs 2 will feature a 4-Player Party Mode after 1.16 update deploys

Featuring a 4-player party update was pretty much a dream for every single Watch Dogs 2 fan. Not being able to play together in a full friends pack, that’s gone for good now. On Tuesday, July 4, patch 1.16 is going to be deployed on all platforms, adding this new feature to the game.

That being said, from the Multiplayer App on your smartphone, you will be able to invite two or four friends whether is that going to be into a public or private party mode. Below you can find the available activities while partying up with 4 friends, without excluding the free roam around San Francisco.

  • 4-player Party: Bounty
  • 4-player Party: Invasion
  • 4-player Party: PvP Loot Truck
  • 4-player Party: Races
  • 4-player Party: Showd0wn
  • 4-player Party: Robot Boss Fight
  • 4-player Party: DedSec – Virus

In other words, this counts as a life worthy update, giving the community a reason to celebrate. There’s no discussion this update is one of the best ever on Watch Dogs 2. The 1.16 update will also enable Multiplayer Mode Launch directly from the smartphone app, without waiting for events to spawn.



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