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Which One is Better: FIFA17 or PES2017

I am pretty sure we all tried PES 2017 earlier than FIFA17 because of the Release Date. Now, it’s time for us to judge which one is better, the EA or Konami product. What do you think? Let’s see…

fifa17 or pes2017

FIFA17 or PES2017?


As a matter of facts, when it comes down to graphics I am pretty sure we can all determine which game is better and have better graphics. FIFA17 is by far better as we can see it clearly. Fifa17 high resolution image is more clear than Konami’s PES. While PES 2017 is made on FOX engine, FIFA17 is made on Frostbite engine which was made from EA and the creators of Battlefield and it’s somehow working a lot better than Konami’s PES 2017.

Graphics: FIFA17 1:0 PES2017

FIFA17 or PES2017 – Gameplay, Features and Multiplayer

As we stated before in one article about FIFA17 and all of their new technologies that made this game that much wanted, they are literally far away in front of Pro Evolution Soccer. For real. EA did it again by just clinching all of their new features and they succeed in making FIFA17 greater than PES. Dead ball situation, new targeting system, active intelligent system, physical play overhaul, new attacking techniques and lot more. Let’s stop speaking about the gameplay features that this game offer. It seems to me like they are far in front of their opponent. I would love to take the fun part out of this, but the dribbles should take place at the same text. We all know that FIFA17 dribbles are lot more entertaining than PES2017.

The only problem about all of the FIFA technologies and features is that they are slowing down the game performance. 

Even though after the first judgment, the graphics of PES2017 looked cool, but FIFA17 worked really hard to achieve better results and after the Official release they came out to be better than PES2017.

When it comes down to multiplayer Gaming… I do personally think that the only reason about FIFA being better than PES is because of the new features in their matchmaking filtering.

I do not even want to speak about FUT and Career Mode. FIFA17 is clearly the winner.

On the other side, if we talk about Multiplayer PES2017, totally own the field. Why? Because the performance of the game is a lot better than FIFA’s and it’s definitely not that buggy like FIFA17.

Gameplay-Result: FIFA17 2:0 PES2017

Features-Result: FIFA17 3:0 PES2017

Multiplayer-Result: FIFA17 3:1 PES2017

FIFA17 or PES2017 – Performances

We can speak about the performances now. Which game is better and faster? In this area, I think that PES stepped up a little bit more than last year. Their game just looks faster and it runs a little bit more stable than FIFA. But, the fun part is that both games can serve at 60fps, which is more than enough for our eyes. This means there is no winner over here. Maybe their Fox Engine gave them an advantage more than Frostbite and that’s why they succeed in this. But, who knows… We are still sticking with FIFA as our Final and Winning Product.

Result: FIFA17 3:2 PES2017

FIFA17 or PES2017 – Bugs and Glitches

This is one of the bad sides of FIFA17, as bugs are still present and more severe than Konami’s PES. Maybe in near future they will patch all of them, but for now we will stick with PES2017 as winners.

Result: FIFA17 3:3 PES2017

We will call it even right now with a slight advantage for FIFA17 in the near future. If they fix all bugs, which I’m pretty sure they will, this game will become amazing Soccer simulator and will win over PES2017 really easy.

But, there is 1 more thing that we should care about and this makes FIFA17 a total winner. Not a gameplay winner but, it should be counted as a better game.


EA owns lot more licenses than Konami. Yes, we do understand that this kind of competing is not allowed and understandable, but, win is a win and that’s all that matters.

PES2017 is without Bundesliga which means they are falling back by a lotwhile FIFA17 got teams from second league in the countries that are already in the game.




Everyone that wants to have a decent multiplayer game with any kind of bugs and glitches should go for PES2017, The others, go for Fifa17.



Our Score

FIFA OR PES, a lot of people are confused when it comes down to this.

User Rating: 3.95 ( 2 votes)

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